Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What If You Weren't Invited To Your Own Prom?

Constance McMillen

Do you remember Constance McMillen? She made the news a couple months ago when she was told she wouldn't be allowed to bring a female date to her high school prom in Mississippi. When she tried to sue the school they simply canceled the prom. The school essentially told the entire world they would rather their kids are deprived of any good times at their Senior Prom than allow them to share the dance floor with a lesbian couple. Well the ACLU was as offended as we were and immediately stepped in with a new lawsuit on behalf of Constance: put on a prom for these kids - all of them. So a group of parents came to the game and announced they would host a private prom for the kids. They implied this would solve Constance' problem of being unable to bring a same-sex date to the public school event. They implied this was a solution for her. They didn't tell the court this was really a solution for them.
Constance was given the run around, told the event was canceled, and finally told the school-sponsored prom was back on and she could bring her date. But who was at this "school sponsored" prom? Seven misfit students. The parent organized event was still on and they made sure Constance and her girlfriend weren't invited and kept in the dark.
We have a couple of questions: What are they hoping to accomplish? And what message are they trying to send to the world? Because we're hearing hate. Lots of hate and discrimination. And we're wondering how on earth any of those parents think this was okay.
We're so sorry you were deprived of your prom Constance!


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