Monday, February 15, 2010

Holy COFFEEgasm!!

We had a guest for coffee and she is DEFINITELY welcome any time. It was the Pastry Mama and let me tell you, that woman can create some tasty coffee treats! Today she made us coffee ice cream and it was so good that if I had to choose between that and an orgasm I would take... BOTH!
ice cream
The second it touched my mouth I knew it was absolute perfection. The issue I have had in the past with coffee ice cream is that there is a bitter after taste, or that the taste of coffee is too overwhelming. The Pastry Mama used a recipe that called for less than a cup of already brewed coffee, so it enhanced the ice cream flavor without overpowering it. I highly recommend trying out this recipe!
The Pastry Mama has some thoughts about how she prepared the ice cream and how you might do it a little better!  She'll be posting those in the comments below.

The perfect breakfast!

- Merriweather

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