Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brazillian Coffee Cookies

We found this recipe for Brazillian Coffee Cookies on So Merriweather pulled three Starbucks Via instant coffee packets out of her purse and we whipped up a batch! To see the full recipe, go to our recipes page. Over the next few weeks we'll be trying a few recipes, picking our favorites and then finally tweaking those a bit for better results!

When we first added the crystals it looked a lot like an oreo concoction. The dough was pale and creamy with tiny black flecks throughout. But soon it began to turn a deep rich coffee color as the crystals dissolved into the dough. It ended up resembling ginger-bread dough - very thick and firm. The recipe advised pressing with a greased and sugared fork or glass: we first went with a glass because it held onto and transferred more sugar crystals than the fork, but we ended up trying both.

Into the oven!

The recipe advises 8-10 minutes cooking time but we did find even 8 minutes was far too long in our oven when using the dark non-stick cookie sheet. The bottoms were dark and hardened. When we switched to a glass pan we cooked for closer to the 10 minutes without any problems. And we do recommend using a reflective cookie sheet as opposed to the non-stick - this way we avoided the burnt sugar taste. Merriweather thought the cookies were delicious, but thought they were best as "dipping" cookie, especially with milk. She liked the strong but not overwhelming coffee flavor, and loved the chewy texture!


Beautiful cookies!

Depending on the look you're going for, and the amount of sugar you want, you can use the fork or the glass.

or a fork...

and of course, add hot coffee for the perfect breakfast treat!

with coffee of course!

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